Saturday, September 26, 2015

Breathe in, blow, and let it fly.

It’s time to breathe life into this little space.

I know, I’ve blown up the celebratory balloon in the past and watched it fly, only to sputter to the ground moments later. a flat balloon, waiting to be filled with air.

I’ve probably watched too much Person of Interest, but the permanency of stuff on the interwebs totally freaks me out. I want my words to mean something, especially when they’re stored somewhere in a cloud for the rest of time. I want to spend lots of time thinking, exploring, and developing an idea. Then in a divine moment of inspiration, I want to sit down and write organically, from the heart, while holding a mug of organic coffee with steamed coconut milk.

That’s the pressure I’ve been putting on myself over here… hence, my (second) blogging hiatus. I’ve come to the realization that these preferences have to go for the sake of developing my craft. I need this little space to be free, useful, and productive.

This little blog has undergone as many transitions as our family over the past four years. Originally a place to keep friends and family abreast of our adventures, it then became an avenue to exercise a newfound passion (pun partially intended). Yet again it’s adapting for a new purpose: practice.

I promise that this will be an imperfect space full of crummy first drafts (thank you, Anne Lamott). All writing will take place while multitasking, whether in the kitchen surrounded by steaming pots and chopped veggies, or while pushing a stroller and dictating into the notes section of my iPhone. Just about every photo will be taken on my iPhone. Most commonly, there will be misspellings, poor grammar, and accidental offenses along the way. Read at your own risk.

I never thought I’d be a writer, but thanks to this little blog, I am one. So this is me, breathing in and blowing up this little balloon he’s given me. I hope it flies high, drawing your gaze up to the one who gives all things life, breath, and purpose.

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