Monday, July 2, 2012

Moving Mathematics

6 trips to the dumpsters of Columbus, GA


560 square feet of bubble wrap

5 roles of packing tape




5 strong Army men 


1 car dolly 


844 miles on the road


The Beless' are back in Texas!

It's funny to think that just last Wednesday Brooks came home with the news that we would be PCSing [permanent change of station, aka: moving] in exactly one week. I admit, the realist in me expected difficult times ahead.

Packing seemed like a never-ending task, the fact that we didn't know [exactly] where we would be moving was seemingly stressful, and of course saying goodbye to the men and women we have done life with here in Columbus wasn't my favorite idea. 

But the Lord has been sweet to take care of even the smallest details regarding our move. For instance, packing provided sweet time for Brooks and I to catch up on conversation and just be goofy together. Goodbyes were more like "see you laters," and offered ample opportunity to dwell on the sweetness of the God who provided me with such friendships during the few months I spent in Columbus. And, Mr. Beless and I unofficially have a plan for housing here at Fort Hood. I promise to share more on that when things become more clear. 

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. We love you all, so.

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